The company is dedicated in developing affordable and sustainable clean power and water projects targeting customers mainly from rural areas so as to enable them achieve both their goals of electricity and accessing clean water for domestic purposes and irrigation.

The company deals with installation of solar water pumps and wind mill generators using locally available materials. Recently the company has devised on water projects in rural off -grid households, business premises and institutions of solar water pump.

What we do?

Solar water pump solution

Our solar water pumping solutions are recognized into two parts based on source of water and source of energy. Based on source of water we have surface solar pumps and submersible solar water pumps, and based on source of energy we have stand alone and Hybrid power solutions.

  1. Solar Water Pumps Product Based On Source of Water
  2. Surface Solar Water Pumping System

Our surface solar water pumping system lifts and transport water over longer distance and heights. Depending on the amount of water required, water available, distance and depth/height, our surface solar  water pumping system may lifts water at a total dynamic head ranging from 0 to 150m at a maximum flow rate ranging from 1.3m“`/hr to 499m“`/hr. it is suitable for water transfer, pond management and irrigation. Our surface pump has long life expectancy and designed to be used in remote and Harish environment. The other benefit off these pumps is its modular design which makes repair and service much simpler and cost effective.

In conjunction with solar panels which generates power, it comes with controller which has been embedded with monitoring and control features which allow remote management and monitoring of the performance of water pump.

  1. Submersible Solar Water Pumping System

Our submersible solar water pumping system lifts water as deep 450m dynamic head and transport water over longer distance. Depending on the amount of water required, availability of water per hour, horizontal distance, our solar water pumping system may…

Like our surface pump, apart from solar panels which generates power, it comes with controller which has been embedded with monitoring and management system which allows remote management and monitoring of the performance of the water pump.

  1. Solar Water Pumping Solution Based On Energy Source.
  2. Stand alone solar PV system/plant

With Stand Alone Solar PV system, a solar water pump is powered 100% by solar panels whether surface or submersible pump.

This is most preferred and appropriate solution for remote rural areas where attendance requirement for operating and maintaining the system is very minimal. The only challenge with this option, is when water is needed after sunset and tanks are empty, of which its solution is to have more tanks for storage and pump enough water during the day.

  1. Hybrid solar PV-Genset/Grid

The use of batteries in solar water pump is highly discouraged due to its heavy investment and complexity in management and maintenance. The proposed option to this, is either to have moretanks where water is available (flow rate per hour), or use solar in combination with Genset or Grid power. Under critical situation, that is when water is dearly needed, yet empty in ta tanks but available in the well and it’s after sunset (solar produce nothing), then generator/grid power may be switched ON for a while to pump the water and bring back life to normal.

Our Services in Solar Water Pumping

Dobea group ltd provide a complete solution, hence apart from supplying solar water pump and its accessories, we offer the following services below to complete our solution.

  1. System Designing And Sizing

Dobea group ltd, has experienced and competent Engineers to design, size and configure the system. Together with our own solar PV system designing software, we also use design software and other technical support provided by our Manufacturers and suppliers to ascertain our proposed solution is technically viable and cost effective. In availability of complete and comprehensive data of the well or water source, it takes less than 2hars to design, size and price the solution.

Whether the water source is borehole, river, and pond or else, for proper system design, we will need reliable data on amount of water required per day, availability of water per hour at water source, location of the project and total dynamic head,  the rest leave it to our Engineers.

Our design, will show in detail the average amount of water to be pumped in every hour in a day and every month in a year. Further moreit will show, how much energy will be generated in every hour, and what amount of water will be pumped per solar water-peak. All of those information and others in designing report, will give you the first impression on how your system will look like and whether it makes economic sense to invest.

  1. Installation and end-user training.

The core of our competence is technical excellence in designing, selection, installation and maintenance of solar water pump systems. After proper designing and sizing, which is followed by selection of good quality solar product for integrating the system; Dobea define good quality of its products after they have been installed and functions us per design and clients expectation.

Dobea Group, has a team of qualified and experienced engineers and technician with knowledge of our rural life and culture, who are well trained to install solar water pumps using proper equipment, working tools and measuring instruments. Dobea, prepares its team with work methods which guides them how work professionally in the field, in which environment, safety  and healthy best practices are deeply emphasized ; they are also provided with proper working tools and equipment, the site is out of dwelling, our special tents for field works are used.

Universal challenges and proposed solution

Based on our experience, we have gone through some challenges which ere described below and their proposed solution.

  1. Security of the system

It has been learnt from our previous project in Singida and other project implemented by other companies, that the life span of the project is shortened by the theft and vandalism of solar panels. Solar panels have remained to be magnet, because of the demand of electricity in rural areas.

Our solution: Dobea in its part has tried to resolve this problem by taking the following action.

  1. First and foremost, is to engage the community from inception stage of the project to post project activities, so that they feel ownership, and henceforth responsible to protect the system against theft and any kind of vandalism.
  2. Solar panels/ modules should be fixed as high as at the lower edge of the array is 3m.
  • Record serial numbers and special labeling of solar panels, which make easily to traced and identified.
  1. The use of locknuts and weld-sports on bolts or nuts, which make removal of solar panel more difficult.
  2. Using bigger, 60 or72 cell solar modules in the range of 250Wp to 320Wp which are heaver and large in size which make hard to steal and move with it at normal place.
  3. Fencing solar water pumping area, install motion sensor light and alarm system which gives signals to security guards and community leaders and members.
  1. Water requirement after sunset

Solar energy is only valuable during the day, and can sometime be absent during heavy rainy days, which would require storage for some applications. In principle, battery is the most commonly used storage method for electricity, but it is a major burden due to its Increased cost and high maintenance requirement. For this reason, a lot of solar pumping applications favor the use of water storage instead, here water is pumped whenever sufficient solar power is available and storage in an elevated tanks, form which water can be withdrawn whenever required.

Water storage is very practical when the system is properly sized. During sunny days, the system provided enough water more than the daily requirement, since pumping is free, this water can be stored in water tanks that’s should be sized to ensure sufficient storage volume depending on climatic conditions and water consumption patterns.

Another option is to use hybrid system whereby solar panels gets supported by Generator or Grid power whenever needed. During prolonged rainy or cloud days or during the night, when solar is not available generator may be switched shortly to pump the water and fill the tank. This situation occurs in area where amount of water required is huge compared to water yield per hour.