DOBEA GROUP LIMITED  is a well-established Private company based in Tanzania. It was founded 2008 and officially registered in February, 2010. The company operates under the tax payer identification number 110 – 536 -356 with a license number 01399003. the company exists to offer service in four area Renewable Energy Technologies, Information Technology, Business Development, Agro-Products and Real Estate

Therefore, DOBEA ENERGY exists by building and operating assets for solving the underlying challenges of clean water and energy, The company deals mainly  with  manufacturing of wind mill generators using locally available materials,installation of hybrid solar wind power systems,wind mill water pumps and supply of solar accessories. DOBEA INFOTECH exists for corporate future by benefiting people from advanced IT technologies; on the other hand, DOBEA SMART CONSULT exists for elevating business wisdom of our staffs, other business operators and start ups. DOBEA AGRO-PRODUCTS exists for corporate cash flow during economic recessions by offering safe and health food to the world. Indeed,  Finally, DOBEA ESTATES exists for corporate stability through gaining of the passive incomes by establishing affordable and secured house for renting to other people.