Msai Project

The project   installed  micro grids  hybrid solar and wind  system with the capacity to generate a total of 48KW for electrifying  Msai Village  which are  very remote and  off grid purposely  to address the problems of lack of electricity for lighting, charging electronic devices, running TV , running solar refrigerators and pumping water using wind  mill  powered water pump.

The project has started connecting and has   stock of ready boards for connecting low income households, the act which will fast tracking the customer connection speeds. Previously, electrical wiring costs proved costly to most of our prospective customers with few managed through an installment payment mode.

The project had also facilitated pumping system at the village water well,  where by we  installed renewable water pumping system at the water source and  revive of the collapsed borehole water well, installing new pump, repair water distribution infrastructures, installing cokies and prepaid water meters. More than 5002 villagers who previously secure water from dirty shallow ponds and at 150tsh per 20lts bucket are now getting clean water at 50Tsh per 20lts bucket. Since the source of energy used at the water well is diesel powered engine, we are working to make it renewable.

The project has employed 15 workers, namely one qualified electrical technician, one cashier for selling electricity and water and collecting revenues, two security guards for safeguarding at the power house and the village well, one cooker and  part time, 10 women as water vendors.