DOBEA –FIMAS is financial management software for small, medium and big companies or businesses

DOBEA –FIMAS offers unique and additional features at affordable prices compared to other software’s in the market. This additional feature includes   multi-currency and multi-lingual functions that support international transactions for companies that operate on a global scale. Furthermore it provides high security for both information’s and the financial data

But most importantly, the DOBEA –FIMAS Soft ware is user friendly and therefore offer rapid implementation and minimal training, so users can get up and running as quickly as possible. The system is friendly to all Database Management Systems like MYSQL, ORACLE etc

Why your Company/Business Needs DOBEA-FIMAS

The following questions can help you determine if financial management solution is right for your Company or Business

  • Do you lack discipline and structure in your business financial processes and policies?
  • Do you get conflicting financial information from various business units across your company?
  • Is it difficult to consolidate and validate financial data for reporting purposes?
  • Do any departments within your company practice doubtful spending or fail to adhere to budget guidelines Is forecasting a challenge?
  • Do you have trouble monitoring the value of real estate, intellectual property, and other hard-to track assets

If the answer to any of these questions is “yes”, then your company should strongly consider financial management solutions

Advantages of DOBEA – FIMAS to your Company or Business

  • Increasing accounts receivables and maximizing cash flow
  • Identifying and understanding the factors that positively and negatively impact performance, profitability, and growth
  • Speeding up closing cycles by automating all associated workflows and related report generation
  • Reducing the time required for budgeting and planning
  • Minimizing risk by ensuring the accuracy of all internal and external financial reports and documents
  • Implementing formal internal controls to facilitate compliance and improve corporate governance
  • Leveraging more effective financial analysis to enhance strategic decision-making
  • Enhancing performance management by measuring results versus objectives

Key Features or Functionality of   DOBEA –FIMAS

Automation and Management of End-to-End General Accounting Procedures

DOBEA – FIMAS  Software  streamline and enhance all basic administrative financial processes from start to finish, such as accounts payable, accounts receivable, cash flow management, purchasing, payroll, inventory and stock, manufacturing  and general ledgers.

The Module for sales and accounts payable consists of

Open Customer Accounts and Customer Branches, Make Sales Areas, Sales Types, Sales Groups, Salesman Groups, Make Sales Groups for grouping Customer Branches, Prepare Sales Quotations (with inquiry and creating of Sales Orders), Prepare Sales Orders and Goods Delivery Notes, Prepare Customer Invoices and Credit Notes, Make Batch Invoicing for more than one delivery order, All of the Sales documents are completely editable and printable either in PDF or Excel, Point of sales definitions for better handling of cash sales, Customer Payments and Allocations, Company logos can be attached to sales documents, Dimensions can be selected for Sales Delivery and Invoices