Dobea Energy

The company was incorporated in 2010 dedicated to developing affordable and sustainable clean power projects targeting customers mainly from rural areas so as to enable them achieve both their goals of electricity and accessing clean water for domestic purposes and irrigation.

The company deals with manufacturing of wind mill water pumps, solar water pumps and wind mill generators using locally available materials. This involves installation of the same include solar kits, wind kits and its hybrids. Furthermore, it conducts borehole water drilling and underground water survey.

Recently the company has devised a micro -grid, Solar - Wind Hybrid System targeting rural off -grid households, business premises and institutions. This system involves installation of at least 15KW of hybrid Solar Wind power plants as clusters, power storage and distribution to the number of households, business premises and institutions.

  A  human interest style story bringing to life the project that AECF  Is involved in and how it is helping beneficiaries on the ground.

 Mtoa Project  which is co-funded by AECF is a project dedicated  to provides affordable and sustainable  clean water and electricity  to 4 villages namely Msai,Mgela,Misuna and Ujungu by  installing  micro grids  hybrid solar- wind  systems and wind mill water pumps. These villages  are  very remote and  off grid and therefore the project  purpose was  to address the problem of lack of electricity for lighting, charging electronic devices, running TV , running solar refrigerators and to provides  energy for pumping water.

Mtoa project has been so vital, as lack of electricity in these areas had adversely affected the quality of life of the indigenous as far as kerosene lamps were used which affected  their health and emit pollutions. Apart from affecting health but the society resided in these areas were disadvantaged from better communications (lack of mobile charging centres and information’s (no power to run Televisions) and other electronics devices. On the other hand,villagers had adversely affected by stomach diseases which results from them depending water from dirty shallow ditches sharing with cattles, a problem that has solved permanently by installing wind mill water  pumps. Mtoa Project will benefits  3,680 house holds with the population of 18,000 people .4 primary schools, 4 dispensaries at its full operation.



Underground water Survey
Borehole water Drilling 
Solar and wind water Pump
Micro Grid Power Plant Installation

Renewable Energy

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Business Development 

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Rural Enery Association (REA)

Africa Enterprise Challenge Fund (AECF)

Alliance for a Green Revolution in Africa (AGRA)

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